Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating

Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating

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Seattle Sutton is a prepackaged diet plan of fresh food that is provided twice a week. They have 2 levels, 1,000 calories that becomes 1,200 calories when you add 2 fat-free dairy products as recommended, or the 1,800 calorie plan with the same (or similar) recommendation. You start on Thursday when you pay and pick up your first set of meals. Then you return on Monday for the remainder of the week’s meals.

Seattle Sutton is the name of the founder, a registered nurse who lives in downstate Illinois. She has a web site that shows menus and gives some background info. It’s not a ‘community’ site. She calls it “Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating”.

Seattle has a couple of restaurants where you can get a meal to eat in or to go. They have 2 types of business opportunities – one type that makes the meals, the other type is the meal distributor. The meal distributor is typically just an office with a desk and 4 large, sliding-glass door refrigerators. The office is in a building that houses medical professionals (dentist and doctor offices). You just walk in, pay, and take your bag of pre-packaged goodies.

The packages are plastic boxes with clear tops. They are labeled, but not consistently. Some foods come with complete nutritional analyses. Some just tell you what’s inside, no nutritional info.

Nutritional Ratios

Seattle Sutton claims that 64 grams of protein is provided per day. This may vary from day to day – but should balance out for the week.

It is a calorie and fat controlled plan. It is somewhat ‘old fashioned’ in that it’s not low-carb at all. You don’t get any choices, but they don’t serve any beef, which was a plus for my taste. Seattle Sutton offers way too many real sugar sweets (muffins, sweet breads), especially for breakfast. She also offers fruit juices, which I think are nutritionally not worth the calorie cost.

Fresh fruit is provided – typically one fruit per day, but the fruit can often be unripe and small in size.

Seattle Sutton – The Summary

This is a quote from a Seattle Sutton user:

The food is rather bland (tuna noodle casserole) but she does try to make it interesting (the chicken fajita was good, but not spicy). Nothing is repeated in a month, although in the 5th week, I’ve begun to see repeated meals. It costs me $99 a week for the 1,000 calorie plan. Not sure what the bigger plan costs. That’s an ‘average’ cost. In some areas it’s cheaper, but not more expensive, I don’t think.

Since I started Seattle Sutton I’ve begun to exercise (jog 3 miles a day. 6 days a week). I think this has contributed to my feeling hungry, usually late in the day. I don’t think 1,200 is enough calories for my activity level. I fill in with a mini-bag of popcorn, an extra yogurt or a piece of fruit at night. I’ve lost 9 pounds since I started. I think I gained a little muscle weight, though.

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