French Women Dont Get Fat

French Women Dont Get Fat

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“French Women Don’t Get Fat” is based on the principle that by adopting the diet and lifestyle patterns of French women it is possible to maintain a healthy figure while avoiding the experience of deprivation that is common with most diets.

The author of the book, Mireille Guiliano, recommends eating for pleasure and to focus on the enjoyment of food. No foods are forbidden so long as the portions are kept small. She says that the biggest secret of French women is that they learn to eat with their heads and choose their indulgences wisely.

She emphasizes quality over quantity, eating slowly, savoring the unique flavors of each food and to stop eating when satisfied.

Diet Secrets of French Women

Guiliano shares many tricks that French women have been using for years to maintain a healthy figure. To kick start weight loss Guiliano shares a secret recipe of French women; “Magical Leek Soup”, which is to be the only food consumed over an entire weekend.

A weekend of leek soup and lots of water acts as a diuretic to promote a rapid weight loss which has the effect of increasing motivation as well as acting to reset appetite. The weekend is used as a time for reflecting on your current diet.

The first 3 months involve retraining your taste buds and adjusting your mental and emotional attitude toward food. During this time you will identify problem foods or imbalances in your diet based on what appear excessive in your judgment.

You will remove offending foods from your diet wherever possible while deciding which foods you really don’t want to do without. It is all about choosing your indulgences wisely and exercising portion control.

After 3 months you should have adapted to a new way of eating and thinking about food and lost at least half of your target amount. At this stage you can experiment with including a broader range of foods and more treats.

French Women Diet Basics

Guiliano emphasizes the importance of eating three meals a day and always eating breakfast so as to keep the metabolism working at a steady rate.

She also recommends preparing as much food at home as possible so that you have awareness and control about what foods you are consuming. Restaurant and takeaway meals are often very high in fat, salt and sugar and should be occasional treats rather than everyday fare.

Guiliano highlights the value of fresh seasonal foods and encourages the use of vegetables and fruits in abundance and the use of fresh herbs and spices to add flavor without excess calories. The book includes many recipes that prove that it is possible to eat delicious food and still lose weight.

Water is recommended as the beverage of choice. Wine is allowed and actually recommended but only with meals and with an additional glass of water.

Bread and chocolate are foods to be embraced but with awareness of quality over quantity. As Guiliano says it is far more pleasurable to indulge in a piece of the finest chocolate than a dozen candy bars.

Two serves of natural yogurt are suggested per day as a hunger reducing snack.

Sample Diet Plan


Sliver of cheese
65 g muesli with blueberries
Coffee or tea


120g raspberries
Non-calorific beverage


Grilled Chicken with Rosemary
Fennel gratin
Rocket salad
Glass of white or red wine


Grilled Peaches with Lemon Thyme

Exercise Recommendations

Structured exercise is not required but instead readers are encouraged to take the opportunity to increase movement in daily life activities whenever possible.

Costs and Expenses

French Women Don’t Get Fat retails for $12.95


  • Wide variety of foods will eliminate the risk of diet boredom
  • No deprivation. Can enjoy all your favorite indulgences without feeling guilty.
  • Increases awareness of eating and portion control.
  • Abundant intake of fruit and vegetables will provide many health benefits.
  • Daily servings of yogurt will provide calcium as well as being associated with increased fat loss and muscle maintenance while dieting.


  • May not appeal to those who like carefully constructed plans and counting calories.
  • Not all French women are slim, so the title is a bit of a misnomer.


If you’ve tried many diets and given up because of boredom or the feeling of deprivation, this approach may just be the answer for you.

Guiliano gives practical advice that will help to make positive changes that can become a permanent lifestyle rather than a temporary diet.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: January 25, 2018

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